Vision Light

Mario Lewis

10 August 2005 to 26 August 2005

Vision Light

Vision Light explored the experience that visually-impaired people have of art, and encouraged the audience to discover new ways to think about the relationships between sight, other senses and art.

Led by Trinidadian artist Mario Lewis, the Vision Light
series of workshops aimed at giving a group of diverse blind and visually-impaired individuals an opportunity to explore and communicate how they experience being both audiences and makers of art. The Vision Light exhibition showcased the work resulting from the workshops, involving elements of video, sound and performance.

By offering the audience an opportunity to discover the rich and eclectic works produced by a group of artists with varying levels of visual impairment, ages and cultural backgrounds, Vision Light challenged the attitudes and preconceptions of sighted and visually-impaired visitors about human diversity, access to art and the role of sensations in the artistic experience.